No Traditional, only Sequential

Satisfied customer brings new customer and that’s how business grows! It only happens when expertism blends with quality product and service ensures customer happiness.

Spring LPG has been working for years with extensive knowledge in this Sequential Injection LPG Conversion trade. We only fit quality genuine equipment – that will save you more in the long run.

LPG Kit Reducer – Tomasetto, Italy

Tomasetto LPG pressure reducer, model AT09, is an electronic single stage reducer, suitable for sequential injection systems. Compact and reliable, it is homologated in accordance with the ECE 67R-01 and 10R-03.

This reducer is equipped with a solenoid valve and an integrated filter unit at its inlet, in order to reduce the overall costs and permit an easier and faster installation.

Injector TECH YETI – LPGTECH, Poland

TECH-YETI is the latest injector by LPGTECH & one of the fastest in the world! The fluoro-polymer coating applied in the injector makes it extremely resistant to fuel contamination.

LPG Control System, TECH ONE – LPGTECH, Poland

TECH ONE is dedicated for MPI engines upto 4 cylinder. It controls the amount of fuel injection by emulating original octane injection signals.

  • Self-diagnosis of faults and defects
  • Full short circuit and overload protection
  • Compatible with Hybrid, Turbo & Valvetronic engines
  • Innovative control algorithm with autocalibration and autoadaptation systems

Our Working Partner

The brand from Poland that meets the quality of the most known global brands and at the same time would be price reasonable to the consumers.